CommentA Sampling of Comments from Past Participants

Practitioner's Course on Community Interventions

"The opportunity to share ideas with experts across the country was a wonderful experience."

"Excellent faculty. Great setting/location. Very conducive to physical activity. Good opportunities to network."

"It was very exciting, motivating, and helpful to know how our field is continuing to move forward and ways to implement programs and contacts to continue to push the importance of physical activity for health."

"The course was AMAZING and I feel privileged to have participated. I imagine several years from now that I will look back at this as a watershed event in my career. One of the unique strengths of the course was that it was useful to practitioners on very different levels — from newcomers to the field to those who are experts in their own right."

Postgraduate Course on Research Directions and Strategies

"State of the art research; excellent overview of field and links with public health; great networking with faculty/experts; good overview of funding opportunities; excellent constructive feedback and support."

"Great faculty who were willing to talk; sessions were well-planned and focused; the environment was very supportive which was important for many of us who were struggling in the first few years of our career.”

"The one-on-one contact with experts — Unbelievable."

"It is one of the BEST experiences I have had in my professional world!"