Postgraduate Course on Research Directions & Strategies

Date: September 11-19, 2018

Description: This 8-day course serves post-doctoral personnel and is designed to develop research competencies related to physical activity and public health.  Topics include grantsmanship skills; research funding opportunities; measurement of physical activity; design of epidemiologic studies; dose-response issues; individual, community, and policy interventions; critical research needs on physical activity in women, minorities, youth, and the elderly; and numerous special topics.  Instructional techniques include lectures, small group discussions, individual meetings with faculty, and individual grant writing projects. 

Course Director:Russell R. Pate, PhD, Professor, Department of Exercise Science, University of South Carolina.

Faculty: Faculty for the 8-day course consist of a panel of leading researchers in physical activity, and include:

Barbara Ainsworth, PhD, MPH – Arizona State University
David Bassett, PhD – University of Tennessee
Steven Blair, PED – University of South Carolina
David Buchner, MD, MPH – University of Illinois
Loretta DiPietro, PhD – George Washington University
William Haskell, PhD – Stanford University
Abby King, PhD – Stanford University
Bill Kohl, PhD, MSPH – University of Texas
Wendy Kohrt, PhD – University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
William Kraus, MD – Duke University
I-Min Lee, ScD, MPH – Harvard University
Bess Marcus, PhD – Brown University
Wendell Taylor, PhD, MPH – University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston
Michael Beets, PhD – University of South Carolina
Richard Troiano, PhD – National Cancer Institute
Sara Wilcox, PhD – University of South Carolina
Linda Nebeling, PhD, MPH – National Cancer Institute to the Research Course


Candidate Application: Those interested in attending the course will apply and enter a competitive selection process.  Approximately 25 candidates will be selected.  Criteria include professional credentials, experience, current professional position, and potential to enhance public health research and practice.  Applications are accepted only from post-doctoral personnel and above.

How to Apply: Click here to submit an application.

Deadline: The completed application must be received by May 15, 2018.

Cost: The Research Course fee is $2,700.  The price includes room accommodations, most meals, gratuities, sales taxes, and course materials.  All fees must be paid prior to attending the Course.