Practitioner's Course on Community Interventions

Date: September 13-19, 2018

Description: This 6-day course is for practitioners who are involved or interested in community-based initiatives to promote physical activity.  Topics include public health models for physical activity promotion, epidemiology/needs assessment, "best practice" intervention strategies, policy and environmental supports for physical activity, program evaluation, partnership development, and current research on physical activity promotion.  One-on-one and small group interaction with leading experts is emphasized.  The faculty for this course is composed of nationally known public health practitioners and researchers. 

Course Director: Dennis Shepard, MAT, CHES

Faculty: Faculty for the 6-day course consists of national leaders in public health promotion of physical activity, and will include:

Ross Brownson, PhD – Washington University of St. Louis
Charlie Foster, PhD – University of Oxford
Jay Maddock, PhD – Texas A&M University
Mark Fenton, MS – Tufts University
Myron Floyd, PhD – North Carolina State University

Candidate Application: Those interested in attending the course will apply and enter a competitive selection process.  Approximately 25 candidates will be selected.  Criteria include professional credentials, experience, current professional position, and potential to enhance public health research and practice. 

How to Apply: Click here to submit an application.

Deadline: The completed application must be received by May 15, 2018.

Cost: The Practitioner’s Course fee is $2,000.  The price includes room accommodations, most meals, gratuities, sales taxes, and course materials.  All fees must be paid prior to attending the Course.