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  Placemat Strength Training

Physical inactivity and muscle weakness are the two most significant factors, besides illness, that result in nursing home placement. The Placemat Strength Training Program is designed to maintain or improve muscular strength and endurance in older adults. Muscular strength and endurance are necessary to be able to take care of personal, household, social, and daily needs and maintain independence.

Placemat Strength Training can be done in groups or individually. This program consists of 10 different exercises that are completed by sitting in and standing behind a chair with arms. The exercises are designed to improve upper and lower body strength necessary in transferring and ambulation, thereby increasing safety, decreasing falls, and increasing hip strength.

Placemat Strength Training materials include:

  • Placemat Strength Training Program Workbook and Video—designed to work together to help service providers train and motivate staff and elderly clients to maintain independence through exercise

Watch an excerpt from the Placemat Strength Training Video

  • Placemat Strength Training Home Guide—provides written instructions on the 10 different exercises
  • Placemat—a visual tool to guide individuals through the exercises shown on the placemat
  • Grease pencil—can be used to write directly on the placemat; individuals can write their names and goals and record the number of repetitions of each exercise

Placemat Strength Training is now online!

First, download or print the Placemat Strength Training Workbook. You will need this workbook to complete the Placemat Strength Training.

Next, open the Placemat Strength Training Video.

After you have completed the training, use the ANSWER KEY to correct the review questions you completed during the training.

To order the Placemat Strength Training materials, please call (803) 777-0222 or email