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This 45-semester-hour program emphasizes the management of public health agencies and public sector health services. Full-time students who start in the Fall graduate in December of the following year.


Apply online through the Association of Schools of Public Health's SOPHAS system. Please also send taylormw@mailbox.sc.edu an e-mail with your contact information.


(subject to change)

Curriculum Requirements (45 hours) Recommended Sequence
(full-time students)
Public Health MPH Core (15 hours)  
BIOS 700 - Biostatistics Fall, 1st year
ENHS 660 - Concepts of Environmental Health Science Fall, 2nd year
EPID 700 - Epidemiology Fall 1st year
HSPM 700 - Approaches and Concepts in Health Administration Fall, 1st year
HPEB 700 - Public Health Education Concepts Summer
Management (18 hours)  
HSPM 708 - Cost Benefit Analysis Spring
HSPM 712 - Health Economics Spring
HSPM 713 - Information Systems Summer
HSPM 716 - Quantitative Methods in Health Administration Spring
HSPM 730 - Health Care Finance Spring
HSPM 769 - Organizational Behavior Fall, 2nd Year
Planning, Public Health Law, or Policy (3 hours)  
One of the following courses:
HSPM 707 - Rural Health Policy
HSPM 711 - Health Politics
HSPM 718 - Health Planning
HSPM 726 Applied Public Health Law for Administrators Fall, 1st year
Community Assessment/Delivery of Health Care Services
(3 hours)
HSPM 715 - Community Assessment and Delivery of Health Care Services Summer
Public Health Residency (6 hours)  
HSPM 798 - Public Health Residency Fall, 2nd year


There is also one dual degree program: the Dual Degree Program in Social Work and Public Health Administration, a program conducted jointly with the College of Social Work, which leads to an MSW-MPH degree.


The University requires that graduate level students maintain academic standards as outlined in the USC Graduate School Bulletin. A graduate student's average on all courses attempted must be at least a B (3.0 on a 4 point system). Students with an accumulation of grades of C+or below on graduate course work are suspended from degree candidacy, pending review by the Department and the Graduate School.


For further information about this program, please contact Mitchell Taylor, phone: (803)777-1627.


Columbia, SC 29208 • 803-777-1627 • sphweb@mailbox.sc.edu